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I think I know why nourish was the word God whispered to me this year. He knew what was ahead and knew that I would need to pay special attention to nourishing my relationships with my God, my family, my community and my health this year.

He knew that if I didn’t pay attention there was a pretty solid chance that the wheels would just plum fall off.

And you know what, they almost did.

Last week was rough, friends. We started the week on a high, full of love and joy from spending the weekend with my fantastic sister in love and her darling youngest daughter. We also started the week overtired from a weekend full of adventure and late nights.

As the week went on the signs were all there – we were coming unglued. Wild Man was having trouble following directions at school, Bunny was throwing tantrums in her toddler class, Mama (that’s me) kept falling asleep in her chair instead of blogging and Daddy (that’s Husband) was up late each night catching up on work and taxes.

We had fun plans for the weekend – we were going to celebrate my mom’s birthday and go to our favorite annual parade. And yet, emotions were living just under the surface, tantrums were erupting for the smallest of offenses (like asking someone to put their shoes away) and it became painfully obvious that we were all exhausted.

So we called it all off and stayed home all weekend.

Yes, we missed celebrating my mom’s birthday, but she was okay with delaying a week. And yes, we missed the Art Car Parade, but it will roll again next year.

We missed out on some of our favorite things, but we gained so much more.

Husband and I take turns waking up with the kids each weekend morning (one of the fabulous benefits of Sunday night church) and I slept nearly 12 hours Friday night. Husband did the same Saturday night. We each got some much-needed rest and snuggle time with the kiddos.

Naps were had, errands were run, it was the most normal and boring of weekends.

In other words, it was bliss.

Sometimes busy is good, but sometimes rest is better.

We loved everything about our wild weekend with Aunt Lori and Cousin Tiffy and we loved everything about our boring weekend this weekend.

I’m learning about balance and saying no and letting go of guilt.

I’m learning about nourishing our family, our community, our health and our relationship with our creator.

Tonight at church we will celebrate our faith community’s 175th anniversary in our city. And we will remember that our church was born from a desire to nourish our city, build meaningful connections and serve others.

I can’t think of a better way to end this weekend and begin a new week.

How about you, friends? What were you up to this weekend?

p.s. I promise we’ll get back to our regular schedule this week. There are some great things coming up on the blog and I can’t wait to share them with you. xoxo – J


  1. Nourish…that’s a great choice of word and so glad you did that.

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