Favorite Books: February 2023

Whew, what a month! I know February is the shortest month of the year, but this one just flew by! Between increased kid activities, PTA/PTO/Booster responsibilities, and just regular-old life stuff, there wasn’t a ton of time to read this month. I did finish six books and started and abandoned one, so there was some reading, just not the marathon that was January 2023. I’m delighted to share my five favorite books of February 2023 with you!

Book Title and AuthorStarsReview
The Chemistry of Love, Sariah Wilson4This story follows Anna Ellis, a geeky & brilliant cosmetic chemist as she tries to win over her boss by pretending to date his half-brother, Marco (who owns the company!). While the book could get caught in the predictability of several tropes, the humor, geek factor, and well-written characters keep the readers laughing and wanting more.

Free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, this is a great read, especially if you love LOTR and Star Wars.
Schooled, Ted Fox4As a PTA/PTO parent, this story of a stay at home dad running for the parent board presidency makes me thankful for our nominating committee and process.

This book is a tale of two high school rivals, a principal with an agenda, and all the hijinks that you could imagine. It does a good job of expressing the struggles of having one parent stay home and the other work in increasingly complicated positions, making friends as an adult, and finding your identity when caregiving has been your primary role for years.

Heavy subjects, but a light read.
Deconstructed, Liz Talley5The first book in a series about antique store owner Cricket Crosby as she discovers her husband is cheating and the life she lives isn’t the life she wants. This is a light-hearted take on a potentially heavy subject and reminds me of the Stephanie Plum series – full of fun characters, zany experiences, and strong female characters.

I love the way the book explores complicated female relationships, life in a small southern town, and discovering what really matters to you. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series!
If the Dress Fits, Liz Talley5The second book in the Cricket Crosby Capers follows Cricket, fresh off her divorce and recent PI school graduate, as she is assigned to her first case – one that is a little closer to home than expected. Ruby, Cricket’s employee at the store who has a bit of a rap sheet, is starting her own fashion line of deconstructed and reimagined vintage couture clothing and is vying for top prize in a local competition.

The book follows Cricket and Ruby as they fight against the odds to solve the case, establish Ruby as a designer to watch, and both start planting roots for their new lives. It’s a fun romp through a complicated caper with long-reaching repercussions.
Lovely Girls, Margot Hunt4The girls in this book are not lovely, but this is quite a thriller! It’s been a while since I delved into a true thriller, preferring lighter whodunnits since my kids were born, and this book was quite a trip.

The story follows a mother and daughter who move to Florida after the untimely death of their husband/father. There they discover a clique of mean girls and their mothers and realize the beach town is not as idyllic as they first thought. A gripping read and look into the inner workings of mean girls and their moms.
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I love to read and am surprised that I only finished six books this month, but it was busier than normal and I probably spent too much time trying to like the book I ultimately abandoned.

All of my favorite books are either an Amazon First Reads pick or borrowed with Kindle Unlimited (I love this so much). Remember, I’m sharing my reviews on Instagram Stories throughout the month and posting the full list of favorites here at the end of the month.

What were some of your favorite books this month? I’m always looking to add to my to-be-read stack!

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    March 1, 2023 at 9:41 am

    I think 6 books is amazing!

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