Nourish: 6 weeks in

The first six weeks of 2016 have flown by. We’ve had a few unusual stressors come our way, but with those came unexpected opportunities. I had great plans for how I would be nourishing my faith, family, community and health this year, but God had other plans.

To be honest, there are a million better ways to increase your prayer life, strengthen your reliance on others, hold your family a little tighter and get healthier than a motorcycle accident, but we play the hand we are dealt.

Let’s talk about my one word resolution and explore those four areas God placed on my heart, shall we?


I started the year out strong on this front, adding more salads to the mix, making healthier meal plans and taking the stairs more often. Then I got sick the week after Dad’s crash with sinus, upper respiratory and double ear infections that didn’t respond well to antibiotics and kept me home for five days. After a few days of “normal,” a virus struck me down for another six days. Thankfully, friends and family stepped in to help take care of Mom and Dad while I was down for the count and Husband was taking care of me and our kiddos.

I’m thrilled to report that I’m finally feeling better and have been able to “begin again” with healthy eating and moving more. While this wasn’t the start I had intended, with everything going on in our family, I have a much deeper appreciation for health than I did just a few weeks ago.


I’m disappointed to say that I haven’t been able to attend regular worship as much as I would like (see health update above), but I’m really enjoying She Reads Truth’s Lenten Bible study. Husband is great about praying with the kids each morning on the way to school, but praying regularly with the kids is not something that I’ve excelled at. To change that, we’ve been adding bedtime prayers to the book and song routine with the wee ones and it’s so sweet to hear what they want to lift up in prayer at the end of the day. While neither of these things has become a habit, they are purposeful moments in the day to commune with God. I’ll take it.


Yup. Lots of family time this month. Much more family time that we imagined. Plenty of holding space, sitting together, caring for one another and reaching out for support. I’ve been thinking a bit about willow trees, how the branches move together in a beautiful dance as the wind whips them around. The trees are made to bend and flex and move together in strength when battered by storms. Our family is dancing that willow tree dance these days and we are stronger together.

It’s been a wild month, but a growing month for our family. Things are looking up all around and we are looking forward to celebrating triumphs in the weeks to come.


Our community of family, friends, coworkers and clients is amazing. We have been nourished by their support so much and are thankful for each of them. Several times this month I’ve heard the whisper, “be vulnerable with them” and every time the relationship with the person has deepened and strengthened in response.

I’ve reached out to a small group of friends to ask them to share their stories with you and have had a great response. There are some wonderful things coming your way in the next few months and I’m so excited to share these women with you.

So, nourish… It’s clear that this is the right word for the year, but so not in the way I expected.

How about you? How’s your one word resolution going?




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  1. These posts make me so happy! I love to see you are doing well! You spread so much love and inspiration with these! ❤️

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