One word for 2016

Resolutions… Just that one word carries so much expectation, doesn’t it? What does it say about us as a culture that at the beginning of every year we focus on what we need to change about our lives in the coming year?

We focus on what we aren’t doing well, what we failed to do, what we started but didn’t finish. When we sit down to make resolutions we focus on our failures, not our promises.

At least, that’s the way it was for me.

I would focus on what I didn’t do, have, wear, eat… and not what I did. What desperately needed to change, not what did I need to do more of. I didn’t like it. It made me feel bad.

Honestly, it started my year off with a funk and not with a bang.

Then a few years ago I started seeing bloggers choose one word resolutions that weren’t really resolutions at all. They were promises.

I can get behind promises.

These one word promises focused on change, yes, but instead of punitive, they felt hopeful. Freeing.

They felt like a gift.

Starting the year by giving yourself a gift… That’s something we should all get behind.

This year, I’m choosing one word. No list of things to do, but one word to remind myself who I am, whose I am and who I want to be.

This year, I'm choosing one word to remind myself who I am, whose I am and who I want to be. Click To Tweet

That sounds like a great way to start the new year.

Have you picked your word? What was your inspiration? Help me discover my one word.


  1. Loved this! I actually chose two words: purpose and unconventional. There are times when life scrambles and attempts to cloud my peacefulness. Remembering my purpose and that I am His and here to do His work, puts me back on track. I am reminded that I am not superwoman–though I’m convinced that I am–and I cannot carry the world on my shoulders. My purpose–one step at a time, one moment at a time.

    Growing up as an adolescent, my parents had a saying they would reiterate to me and my brothers, “We don’t do what everybody else does!” I never understood what that truly meant until I started to see the world through my own eyes. I started to pay attention to my behaviors, my reactions, my thought process, and all of that fun stuff that comes with discovering who you are. I am unconventional–in my beliefs, morals, thoughts, ministering, service–and that is who I am thankful to share with the world. I see and understand life differently, as I think we all do. We must each understand our purpose is unconventional and never change to fit a mold that man has created. Be the difference!

    • I love your words and adore “We don’t do what everybody else does!” It’s important to remember that God has a great plan for this world and has a specific and unique purpose for each of us. You keep doing you!

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