Happy Sunday, dear friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead! This week we are talking about capsule wardrobes, secrets of tidy people, hospitality with kids and an Epcot egg hunt. Basically, how to conquer the things I’m struggling with plus Disney fun.

We live in a 1920s bungalow and – spoiler alert – it has tiny closets. I know, I know, what a shock. To make things even more interesting, when our landlord expanded the master bedroom closet, he forgot to make sure it was deep enough to accommodate clothes hangers and closet doors. Yup. So staring at my clothes for the past 18 months has made me long for a capsule wardrobe. I love the idea of it but haven’t been able to figure out the best way to start. I really like the way The Lazy Genious Collective is going about it. Identifying the types of clothes that should be included first makes so much sense to me. Looks like I’ll be starting a new Pinterest board soon.

Confession time: I’m one of those “messy creatives” that doesn’t see junk piling up until it takes over. It’s not that I don’t care about keeping a tidy house or, let’s be honest, office, it’s just that I tend to focus on the one thing I’m working on and simply don’t see the clutter building around me. Husband is a clean as you go person. As you can imagine, our difference in styles caused a few issues in the beginning. We are both working on it and I’m always looking for tips and tricks to help be more aware and get into the routine of picking up a little bit each day. I love this post from the Nesting Place as it gives you five easy tips that can be implemented right away.

We love having people over but haven’t done as much entertaining as we would like since having kids. This post from the Art of Simple shares some great tips on how to make it all work. We often forget to give kids an actual activity, even if it’s just playing outside, and I adore the idea of giving kiddos an escape plan. Goodness knows it can get loud in this little house and it’s smart to have a place set aside for kids to reset for a minute when needed.

We are in the beginning stages of planning a Disney trip with the kids and I was fascinated by this post about the egg hunt and flower & garden festival. I didn’t know either existed (I know, I know, please forgive me Disney-lovers) and loved seeing how Disney took hiding Easter eggs to the next level. This post got me inspired to do some research on when Disney did these types of special events to see if we could plan our trip around those times. Even if a Disney trip isn’t in your future, make sure to check out this post – the gardens are beautiful!

I hope you found something interesting in today’s post!

This weekend has been wonderful. We were able to spend time playing outside with dear friends yesterday, had a great Easter service this morning and spent the rest of the day with my parents eating lunch, dying and hunting eggs. It was truly a restorative weekend.

Easter Sunday service is my favorite service of the year and I love singing those special hymns and songs. I got a bit hoarse yesterday and woke up this morning with no voice at all. So this morning I sang at the top of my lungs with no worries about being off key – not a single sound escaped my lips. It made for quite a memorable day! I’m hoping this will resolve quickly and I’ll be back to “normal” soon.

So, what about you? How was your Easter weekend and what are you loving this week?