Sunday Share

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead! This week’s Sunday Share has some nostalgia, reality TV, whimsy and a lot of love.


I know, I know — I’ve already talked about how excited I am about Fuller House. But I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy watching it as a family. Friday night Husband, Wild Man, Bunny and I all sat down and watched the first episode together. It was wonderful. We had gotten used to having “kid shows” and “parent shows” but Fuller House gave us the opportunity to have a family show. It was fantastic to watch my kiddos enjoy a show that meant so much to me.


I adore this sweet little paper flower crown at Little Inspiration. I think this would be a great accessory for Bunny’s Easter dress and I may have to make myself one too. A little whimsy never hurt, right?


When Susie Meister‘s piece on how studying religion made her a liberal showed up on my news feed last week I was intrigued. I had loved watching her on MTV’s Challenge, but didn’t know anything about her life after the show. I loved the way she talked about her journey and was pleased to discover she and Sarah Rice, another MTV Challenge veteran, have a podcast, Brain Candy Podcast.  They are dearest of friends and I’m really enjoying hearing their take on things.

While I love everything on this list, my favorite thing this week was seeing my kids light up when they saw Grandpa for the first time in more than a month. I’m so glad he’s well enough to have visits from the munchkins and they are too.

What’s making you happy this week?


  1. Not going to lie…it’s been a rough week here with my middle child sick (virus plus severe constipation). I am mentally and physically exhausted. That being said we did manage to squeeze in some family fun with a movie night at home….BTW….The Good Dinosaur was really good! And today I relished in the joy of just listening to my kids play/laughing/discuss…a rarity! I’ll take it!!

    • I’m so glad all three kiddos were feeling well enough to play together today! As an only child, I never realized how much joy I would from listening to my kids play together. Hugs, friend! I hope things keep moving in the health and joy direction! xoxo

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