Sunday Share: Sweetness and depth

What a wild few weeks it has been, friends. What a wild, wild few weeks. As I shared with you on Friday, I’m not okay. I bet you aren’t either. The only way I know how to move forward from this is with love and joy and hope. So in today’s Sunday Share, I’ll be sharing a few things that have brought me love, joy and hope over the past month or so. I hope they lift your spirits as much as they did mine.

Sweetness and light:

Going a little deeper:

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Share. I hope you are having a great Sunday and have a lovely week ahead. Let’s choose joy and love and hope this week. The alternative is just too much of a burden to bear.

What’s been making you happy these days? I’d love to hear what’s bringing a smile to your face. Love you guys!

Sunday Share with Outrageously Wonderful Y'all, I'm ready for some sweetness and some depth. How about you? This week's Sunday Share provides both and includes some of my favorite posts from the past few weeks. I'd love for you to check out what's been making me happy and for you to tell me what has been bringing a smile to your face. Let's share! Featuring posts from: @melisalw #MiraclesintheMundane #TheArtofSimple @pocketfulofjoules @thesorrygirlsdiy @craftjana @maybeillshowertoday @candacepayne


  1. Thank you for including me here! And coincidentally I’m off to go make more fruitastic salad! LOL

  2. Love your lists…its been a hard week. Together we can do such great things in this world! Thanks for including my post here. Peace.

  3. Thank you so much for including my monthly wrap-up post. I’m so glad you enjoy them! =)

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