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Nourish: 6 weeks in

The first six weeks of 2016 have flown by. We’ve had a few unusual stressors come our way, but with those came unexpected opportunities. I had great plans for how I would be nourishing my faith, family, community and health this year, but God had other plans.

To be honest, there are a million better ways to increase your prayer life, strengthen your reliance on others, hold your family a little tighter and get healthier than a motorcycle accident, but we play the hand we are dealt.

Let’s talk about my one word resolution and explore those four areas God placed on my heart, shall we?

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Oh deer…

Hi there, friends. I had plans for a helpful post today, one about how it seems nearly impossible that our people need to eat three times a day and how insane that is. But then life happened.

Specifically, my Dad was driving along on his motorcycle and a deer ran out from a field and hit him. In broad daylight. Apparently the deer didn’t get the memo that deer have the twilight hours and we get the daytime? Come on deer. That’s just not cool.

Thankfully, Dad is going to be just fine. The deer… well let’s just say it’s in deer heaven. We don’t even know if it was a doe or a buck (and I totally asked my mom if it was a boe or a duck… it’s been a wild few days). Dad doesn’t remember and we haven’t asked the friend who was riding with him.

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