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Sunday Share

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead! This week’s Sunday Share has some nostalgia, reality TV, whimsy and a lot of love.

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What Full House can teach us about friendship

As I was making dinner last night, I heard Husband watching the trailer for Fuller House and was instantly transported back to the Friday nights of my formative years.

My best friend and I would often watch together, hanging out in her game room with her little sister.  We loved the show and how the girls somehow dealt with many of the same issues we did. I instantly teared up, thinking of all the slumber parties, movie marathons and thousands of secrets whispered between friends.

Husband walked in, saw I was lost in a haze of nostalgia and asked if a TV show from the 90s really had me all misty eyed. I choked out, “Val had a little sister and I was the friend that dropped by all the time.” Husband’s response? “You were Kimmy Gibbler?”

I laughed and said sure, thinking I had done a bad job explaining myself. After all, I was trying to explain that the show meant a lot to me and that there were strong parallels with my life at the time. After all, who would want to be Kimmy Gibbler?

But maybe being Kimmy Gibbler wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe it was a great thing. 

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Nourish: 6 weeks in

The first six weeks of 2016 have flown by. We’ve had a few unusual stressors come our way, but with those came unexpected opportunities. I had great plans for how I would be nourishing my faith, family, community and health this year, but God had other plans.

To be honest, there are a million better ways to increase your prayer life, strengthen your reliance on others, hold your family a little tighter and get healthier than a motorcycle accident, but we play the hand we are dealt.

Let’s talk about my one word resolution and explore those four areas God placed on my heart, shall we?

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I’m so over Valentine’s Day

I’m so fed up with Valentine’s Day and it’s not even here yet.

I know, I know. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be this big, romantic night filled with chocolate covered strawberries and roses and cards and fancy dinners and jewelry and whispered sweet nothings and s-e-x. It’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, the day you truly, deeply connect with your spouse in an uber-meaningful way.

But you know what, all that “supposed to” stuff? It’s bullcrap.

Yup. Bullcrap.

That’s not love; that’s materialism. In fact, I’ll go even farther. It’s the devil.

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