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I’m not okay and I bet you aren’t either

This site is supposed to be a safe place where we can bear our hearts to each other, lift each other up, comfort and encourage one another. And as the Chief Cheerleader, it’s my job to create that space. It’s my job to start the healing with confessions of my own, with honesty, vulnerability and brokenness. It’s my job to talk about hard things and share how I find joy and hope in any situation.

And I’ve been silent.

I’ve been silent because I simply didn’t have the words. The news of the world had just become too much. I was left stunned and broken and completely mute.

Until last night.

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Sunday Share: 5 gifts to give yourself for Mother’s Day (including 2 free printables)

Hi, friends! Mother’s Day can be a tricky day for lots of reasons so we are focusing on some gifts you can give yourself. And no, you don’t have to be a mother to enjoy them; you just have to be human. Whatever stage of life you are in, take time to take care of yourself today.

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A different kind of Sunday Share

I think I know why nourish was the word God whispered to me this year. He knew what was ahead and knew that I would need to pay special attention to nourishing my relationships with my God, my family, my community and my health this year.

He knew that if I didn’t pay attention there was a pretty solid chance that the wheels would just plum fall off.

And you know what, they almost did.

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What I’m reading

I’m such a book nerd. I love to read and usually have two or three books going at once. I’m always looking for new books and authors and thought I would share what I’ve just finished reading, what I’m reading now and what’s next on my bookshelf.
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Success and the desires of our heart

Success is a funny thing, isn’t it?

Everyone defines success differently, yet it’s something that we’ve all been told to strive for. As children, we are told we can do anything we want to do – that we can be anyone we want to be.

Anything is such a powerful word, isn’t it? Freeing, and yet, immobilizing. When the options are endless, the vast array of “anything” stretches out before us as an overwhelming sea of ideas.

When making the decision about what we want to do, I’ve found that many of us begin with what we do well and then use that as a jumping off point for our professional lives. We set our sights on a career path that builds on what we are comfortable doing and not necessarily what we are most interested in, excited about or feel called to do.

With all options on the table, we take the path of least resistance.

What’s that about? I mean, really?

If we can do anything we want to do, why are we not doing what we are most excited about? Why are we not building our careers around the things that make our hearts sing?

I think it’s because sometimes we get so caught up in finding success through our careers that we forget about figuring out who we want to be.

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