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One word: Pointing to joy

As I sat down to ponder what my one word would be, I thought — this is the year I do things differently.

I have long had this idea in my mind of how life should be. How my family and friends should interact, what my health should be like, how I should manage to juggle working full time in an office and our active home life.

Each year I would imagine that dream life — and let’s be clear we are talking about a fantasy life, not a real life — and think of the things I would be doing in that life that I wasn’t doing now. All those things would up on the resolutions list.

Instead of getting me closer to this dream life, resolutions made me feel farther from it. It seemed like I needed to change everything about my life — a life I loved.

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One word for 2016

Resolutions… Just that one word carries so much expectation, doesn’t it? What does it say about us as a culture that at the beginning of every year we focus on what we need to change about our lives in the coming year?

We focus on what we aren’t doing well, what we failed to do, what we started but didn’t finish. When we sit down to make resolutions we focus on our failures, not our promises.

At least, that’s the way it was for me.

I would focus on what I didn’t do, have, wear, eat… and not what I did. What desperately needed to change, not what did I need to do more of. I didn’t like it. It made me feel bad.

Honestly, it started my year off with a funk and not with a bang.

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