Hi there and welcome!

My name is Jenna and I’m a planner, organizer, creative thinker, and collaborator. I’m a wife, mom to two, a proud Texas PTA Lifetime Member, and PTO volunteer. As Chief Cheerleader at Outrageously Wonderful, I’m here to encourage and guide you as we create more functional, peaceful, and streamlined spaces.

What’s the deal with Outrageously Wonderful?

The greatest compliment I ever received was when my husband called me outrageously wonderful. In the context of our conversation, he meant that I’m unique and unconventional, and find joy in things that others find overwhelming.

In the context of my planning and organizing business, it means that I help clients find the wonderful in spaces that feel chaotic, out of control, or simply aren’t functioning the way they need them to be.

Everyone has places in their homes that feel a bit out of control. Creating systems and functional spaces so that my clients have more peace, time, and space to create or enjoy the wonderful things in life is one of my favorite things.

Need a bit more organization or peace in your life? This space is for you!

Here you can be inspired by client transformations, access functional tools and tips to create organized spaces in your home, and discover some of our favorite things.

I’m so excited you are here!