Hi there and welcome!

JennaMy name is Jenna and I’m a writer, creative thinker and collaborator. I love my husband’s smile, my kids’ laughter, a night out with my best friends and reading books on the beach – all things that renew my soul and refresh my mind.

So what’s the deal with Outrageously Wonderful?

Outrageously Wonderful is a place to find practical tips and soulful posts to help you love your busy life. It’s a community of women encouraging, empowering and inspiring each other. Won’t you join us?

So really, what’s the deal with the name?

Outrageously Wonderful feels like our busy modern life. Things move outrageously fast these days and we need a bit more wonderful in the world.

Let’s create that together. Let’s do it here.

Yup, this is a collaboration through and through. While my besties and I will be doing the behind the scenes thing and writing most of the posts, making this place Outrageously Wonderful takes all of us.

Girlfriend, that means you. You’re in.

Comment on posts, comment on comments, encourage others. If something resonates with you or triggers a memory or life lesson – share! This is a place to learn from each other and help us all be Outrageously Wonderful.

I’m so excited to do this with you.